The Ultimate Luxury Villa, Rayong, Thailand

w: Icon Private Collection

w: Icon Private Collection

The Ultimate Luxury Villa, Rayong, Thailand

  • 7 Individual Villas + 60ft motorboat –
  • 14 Guests –
  • 70 Staff –
  • Price on request –

With 14,000m² of tropical property, 70+ full-time 14,000 M² staff & a 5-minute walk from the beach, the villa is a secret paradise that offers unforgettable experiences for those that seek a luxurious private getaway.

Located in the non-commercial region of Rayong, Thailand, the villa boasts infinity pools totalling 1,000m², 7 individual villas, 9 dining areas, 4 bars, a fully equipped gym, full-service spa, home cinema, 15m aquarium and much more. The expansive property is a private haven exclusive to the group of up to 14 guests, with access to various water toys, nearby attractions and even a PADI license certification course.

A perfect destination for families and friends for special occasions such as family trips, birthdays, and anniversaries – the meticulous staff at the villa will ensure guests have remarkable experiences tailored to their heart’s content. With private chefs that create sumptuous dining menus inspired by fine French dining, Thai, and other Asian favorites, the villa invites guests to go on a divine gastronomical journey. Last but definitely not the least, the villa’s dedicated spa specialists and facilities offer a pampering menu ranging from Thai massages to manicures and deluxe facials.

Covering grounds of more than 14,000m2, the main outdoor premises of the villa is paved with regularly polished granite and teak flooring indoors. Each of the seven lavish villas boasts their own en-suite bathroom with floors lined with limestone, and teak ceilings for a selected few. Special stones such as Onyx can also be found in the game room as one of the four bars and in the home cinema room, both with custom built-in lights that illuminate the beautiful natural grains of the stone. Spanning the same room is a stunning 80 cubic meter aquarium teeming with 50 varieties of tropical fish, totalling more than 800 fish – making the space one of the most tranquil.

Taking up more than 1,000m2, all three of the infinity pools were constructed with marble and filled only with salt water managed by specially designed pipelines. To achieve the unique curvature of the main infinity pool, a special custom-built 15m long curved acrylic panel was imported. In fact, the panel was one of the largest single pieces of acrylic ever imported into Thailand. Furthermore, with a maximum depth of 1.7m, the main pool can even be used to practice for the first portion of the PADI Scuba Diving Certification. And as if the pool was not grand enough during the day, portions of the bottom have fiber optic lights built in that shine at night, making the pool sparkle like a starry sky.


If sitting by the pool with your favourite drink all day is not enough, the villa has more than 12 types of water toys available for guests to experience. From the JetSurf to Flyboard to children-friendly floats, there is something for everyone, and the range of options will undoubtedly keep guests entertained and asking for more. Fancy some island hopping in the Gulf of Thailand with a boat? The villa also has 4 boats, one of which is a 60ft motorboat and another a super-fast 40 ft rib boat perfect for the adrenaline seekers.

Divine dining

Dining at the villa is unlike any other. There are three kitchens, nine different dining areas, and even a custom-made pizza oven. With a passionate French chef that has traveled the world and loves to innovate, be prepared to take your taste buds on an exciting gastronomical journey through a fusion of Western and Eastern flavours.

Scrumptious dining would indeed not be complete without fine wine and the perfect ambiance. From dining pool-side to enjoying a serene dinner by the aquarium, the staff may surprise you with a special dining experience when you least expect it. While the villa imports its own house wines of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, there is also a large selection of exclusive wines available in the Italian imported wine cabinetry and walk-in cellar.

Sustainability efforts

It is the property’s belief that it is possible to experience luxury at its finest while being environmentally aware. By setting an example and taking action, the villa has helped and continues to help improve the nearby communities and surrounding areas become cleaner and more environmentally conscious.

Solar Farms
The villa has built a solar farm only 300 meters away with a 206kw system that generates all the power the property requires during the day. This includes usage for air conditioning, the pools, and the aquarium which is home to 50+ tropical fish. All utilities except the aquarium are then turned off at night to conserve energy consumption further and regulate the amount of power needed on a daily basis.

Vegetable Plots and Hydroponics System
As with the quickly growing demand for organic food and overall consciousness about what you put in your body, it is no doubt that “we truly are what we eat.” With that in mind, and with the advantage of having such luscious grounds and weather conditions, the villa has been able to grow over 30 different species of vegetables in its own backyard, as well as more than 30 different species of fruit trees such as mango trees that produce sweet juicy bounties. Even a special team of specialists has been assigned to maintain this valuable setup with hydroponics systems so that the guests at the villa can taste the freshest organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables in every scrumptious meal – all from the villa’s very own garden.

Saving Reefs by Installing Buoys to avoid Anchoring Damage
Many may not know this, but boats can destroy coral reefs vital to the intricate underwater ecosystems in the region when they drop anchor. Since the property has its own private 60ft motor yacht which often requires anchoring, the General Manager took the initiative to invest in an underwater drill to install anchoring points to reduce damage. These screws have been drilled 3 meters deep into the seabed to anchor buoys which offer a more sustainable option for local dive boats and fishermen to tie to. Thanks to the efforts of villa staff and local dive volunteers, these buoys can even hold super yachts and will last for many years to come.

The Villa Farm
The villa also boasts its very own farm in addition to the hydroponics garden. At 50m by 50m and with a solar-powered irrigation system, this farm allows a variety of crops such as sweet corn, watermelon, chilli, bananas, lemongrass, peppers, and mint to grow and has a specially dedicated mushroom house. For those interested in a tour, the farmers at the property will be more than happy to share ways of helping them make their own natural fertilizer as well as new innovative ways to grow their own greens. Guests can even plant their own seeds so they can harvest the crop the next time they stop by the property.


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